CyberPower POWER TRIP 240W 12V Outlet & USB Port Power Inverter CPS240PAU Refurbished


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The versatile PowerTrip 240 Power Inverter (CPS240PAU) from CyberPower converts your vehicle’s 12V DC power to household AC power to rapidly charge and operate a portable DVD player, laptop computer, digital camera, small power tool, or any mobile device that uses up to 150 watts of power with the 12V DC power outlet and up to 240 watts of power with battery clamps (not included) on an automotive battery. The PowerTrip 240 features one AC household outlet and one 2.1-Amp USB charge port. Safety features such as a user-replaceable fuse, surge protection, and automatic shutdown protect your connected devices and automotive battery.

Sensitive Electronics Safety Features
Provide surge protection and automatic shutdown to protect electronics against power fluctuations, high temperature, short circuit, and high or low battery conditions.

Surge Protection
Safeguards electronics against power fluctuations from vehicle startup and shutdown.

Automatic Shutdown
Prevents accidental power drain from your vehicle’s battery.

USB Charge Port
Rapidly charges and powers USB devices such as tablets (including iPad), smartphones, MP3 players, and other mobile accessories.

AC Power Outlet
Provides household power for laptop computers, entertainment devices, and other consumer electronics.

User-Replaceable Fuse
Protects connected devices and the vehicle battery from voltage overloads.

Battery Cables
Attach the power inverter to a vehicle battery to use peak wattage (240 watts).

12V DC Power Plug
Powers devices that draw 150 watts or less.

One Year Limited Warranty
Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions within two years of the purchase date. See warranty for details.

Product Details

  • Power source: DC, USB
  • DC input: 11 – 15 VDC
  • AC outlet: 1
  • AC output (battery clamps): 120 VAC
  • Watts: 240 watts peak
  • 200 watts continuous
  • AC output (12V plug): 120 VAC
  • USB charge port: 1
  • USB output: 5 VDC, 2.1 Amp
  • Fuse: 25 Amp
  • Status LED: Yes
  • Surge protection: Yes
  • Automatic shutdown: Yes

Certified Refurbished
This CPS240PAU has been Certified Refurbished by the the manufacture and comes with a full one year imited warranty.

Safety, Efficiency, and Power Inverters
A power inverter changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), but does not produce the power, itself. These inverters provide portable, efficient power, are convenient to use, and versatile of purpose. Power inverters from CyberPower convert automobile DC power to AC power to rapidly charge and power laptop computers, tablets (including iPads), MP3 players, and other USB mobile devices. They also supply surge protection to safeguard electronic equipment.

Automatic-Shutdown ensures that the power inverter automatically turns off to prevent your battery from draining.

Built-in Surge Protection safeguards electronics against power fluctuations, such as those which occur during vehicle startup and shutdown.

Sensitive Electronics Safety Features provide surge protection and automatic shutdown to guard electronics against power fluctuations, temperature extremes, short circuits, and high or low battery conditions.

Soft Start Technology protects electronics against power fluctuations.

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