Mossy Oak Basic Dog Harness, Pink, X-Large


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Simple dog harness perfectfor takingwalks, going hunting, and more

Product Information

The Mossy Oak Basic Dog Harness is a perfect choice fordogs while out in the field, in the water, or relaxing athome. This sturdy harness features a simple side-release buckle thatmakes the harnesseasy to put on while the adjustable design allows you to get theperfect fit. The harness is made with heavy-duty hardware and stitchingthat’s designed to last, so you can trust the harness to stand up toall your outdoor adventures. This x-large harness is designed for dogsover 90 lbs. withchest sizes ranging between 22.5 and 34 inches.

Product Features
  • Sturdy harness is ideal for use while out in the field, inthe water,or relaxing at home
  • Easy-to-use side-release buckle makes it easy to strap yourdog into the harness
  • X-Large harness is designed for dogs over 90 lbs with chestsizes ranging from 22.5″ to 34″
  • Harness is made with heavy-duty hardware and stitchingthat’s designed to last

  • Color: Pink Camo
  • Size: X-Large (for dogs over 90 lbs.)
  • Chest Size: 22.5″ to 34″(adjustable)
  • Strap Width: 1 inch

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