Mossy Oak Mesh Dog Harness, Duck Blind, X-Large


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Sturdy dog harness perfectfor taking walks, going hunting, and more

Product Information

The Mossy Oak Mesh Dog Harness is a perfect choice for dogs that need asturdy harness while out in the field, in the water, or relaxing athome. Perfect forpullers who tend to be rough on their necks, this soft dog harnessholds your poochs chest, so your dog wont choke and youllstill have complete control. It features a form-fitting yet simpleconstruction and is made with breathable mesh material that offerscomfort and greater mobility. Side-release buckles make the harnesseasy to put on while the adjustable design allows you to get theperfect fit. Made with the duck blind color, this harness isperfectfor camouflage while hunting. This x-large harness is designed for dogsover 90 lbs. withchest sizes ranging between 25.5 and 29.5 inches.

Product Features
  • Sturdy harness is ideal for use while out in the field, inthe water, or relaxing at home
  • Designed for dogs who are pullers and tend to be rough ontheir neck
  • Soft harness holds the dog’s chest, so dogs don’t chokewhen pulling, while still giving you complete control
  • Made with breathable mesh material so dogs can stay cool,even while outside
  • Easy-to-use side-release buckles make it easy to strap yourdog into the harness
  • X-Large harness is designed to fit dogs over 90 lbs and iseasily adjustable to fit chest sizes ranging from 25.5″ to 29.5″
  • Harness is made with heavy-duty hardware and stitchingthat’s designed to last
  • Duck blind color is designed to easily camouflage your dog,making it ideal for hunting

  • Color: Duck Blind (Brown withForest pattern)
  • Size: X-Large (for dogs over 90 lbs.)
  • Chest Size: 25.5″ to 29.5″ (adjustable)
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